The Hybrid Theatre

Since 1967, Groote Schuur Hospital has continued to be a leader in cardiac surgery and in September 2016 opened two hybrid theatre-operating suites to continue to build on its reputation for excellence and innovation.

This capital project was funded by the Western Cape Department of Health but there is an urgent need for equipment to enable the facility to function optimally.

Hybrid Theatre Groote Schuur

What is a hybrid theatre?

A hybrid operating theatre is the state-of the art operating room of the future.

It combines sophisticated imaging devices with the sterility and functionality of a surgical suite and allows doctors from a variety of disciplines to operate together on life-saving interventions.

Who will use it?

A cardiac specialist, a cardiothoracic surgeon, a vascular surgeon, an anaesthetist and a radiologist, among others, can work in a ‘one stop’ environment using technologies that provide three-dimensional perspectives to pinpoint specific areas required for surgery.

What are the benefits of a hybrid theatre?

The key outcome is far less invasive surgery but there are many other benefits:

  • shorter operation times which lead to shorter waiting lists
  • faster recovery and less pain
  • opportunities for patients to have procedures they would not qualify for otherwise
  • lower risk of post-operative complications
  • decreased use of anesthesia
  • reduced need for some patients to undergo multiple procedures.

How will a hybrid theatre benefit the patients and health care?

The hybrid theatre was opened at Groote Schuur in September 2016, but it has not been equipped, and is thus not functioning optimally.

The state-of-the-art hybrid operating rooms and new equipment will enable Groote Schuur to establish a minimally invasive cardiac and vascular surgery programme.

This will mean that patients can be sent home after only 1-2 days with minimal complications and pain, and they can return to work far sooner.

More patients can be treated and the waiting times will reduce.