Upgrade Of Beds In Intensive And High Care Units

More than 5000 people come through these units every year where an exceptionally high standard of care results in an exceptionally low mortality rate.

Specialized beds play a critical role in this care and to help us to maintain our record of excellence, we need to replace about 80 beds that are outdated.

We want to take our patients…..





  •   patients can position themselves optimally without assistance
  •   removable sides allow for emergency resuscitation or easy transfer while also preventing patients from falling out of the bed
  •   design allows optimal positioning of patient for bedside assessment and procedures
  •   being easily adjustable by using a touch pad ensures a comfortable working height for staff and helps prevent their injuries
  •   easy-to-clean surfaces reduce the chance of superbug infections
  •   modern castor wheels allow for smooth mobility in narrow rooms and corridors
  •   attachments provide for many accessories – feeding pumps, syringe drivers, monitors, drip stands, oxygen cylinders, etc.
  •   beds are suitable for patients up to 260kg weight and 2.1m length
  •   new mattresses circulate air on the underside of the patient to improve comfort and prevent moisture build-up
  •   mattresses are machine washable to prevent hospital acquired infections.
  •   mattresses have an emergency setting to allow effective resuscitation